Why You Need a Family Dentist

Regular dental care from your friendly family dentists, Dr. Tyler Hubbard and Dr. Regan Luders of Door County Dental Care in Sturgeon Bay, WI, will help you protect your sparkling smile. Advantages of visiting a family dentist include these important benefits:

Care for the entire family

Family dentists don’t set any age restrictions for their patients. In fact, they’ll see everyone in your family, from toddlers to senior citizens. Their extensive training and education prepare them to handle oral health care issues that can occur at any age.

Gentle care for the youngest members of the family

Dental visits can be a little overwhelming for young children. Family dentists understand kids’ fears and strive to create a caring, compassionate environment. During visits, they’ll take the time to explain what will happen during an exam or cleaning and offer explanations in language geared to your child’s age.

Early visits are particularly important for kids, as they help dentists spot potential issues with your child’s oral growth and development. Unfortunately, kids are just as likely to develop cavities as adults. When they visit the dentist every six months, any cavities that do occur can will probably be small and easy to treat.

The dental services and treatments you need

Checkups and fillings aren’t the only services and treatments your Sturgeon Bay family dentist provides. They also offer:

  • Cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth
  • Nightguards that prevent tooth damage if you grind or clench your teeth at night
  • Dental crowns to strengthen and protect teeth or improve the appearance of teeth
  • Whitening to brighten your smile
  • Bonding to repair damage or improve the appearance of teeth
  • Bridges and dentures to restore missing teeth
  • Sealants to protect your child’s back teeth from tooth decay
  • Root canal therapy to treat inflamed or infected teeth
  • Dental implants that bond to your jawbone and make it possible to replace both the roots and crowns of teeth
  • Veneers that cover imperfections and flaws on the fronts of teeth
  • Oral appliances that keep your airway open if you have sleep apnea

Would you like to schedule an exam with your Sturgeon Bay, WI, dentists? Call Dr. Hubbard or Dr. Luders of Door County Dental Care at (920) 743-6911 to schedule your appointment.