Door County Dental Care’s Ninth Annual Free Athletic Mouthguard Day

Door County Dental Care hosted its ninth annual ‘Free Athletic Mouthguard Day’ on Thursday, June 22nd at 12:00pm.  All area student athletes were invited to receive a free custom-fit, team color-coordinated mouthguard.

The event brought 55 local students in to be fitted for free, custom, team-color coordinated mouthguards. Custom fit mouthguards provide superior protection against sports related dental injuries. They are created by taking an impression of the mouth, casting the mold, and then trimming and smoothing the edges. Volunteers and the entire Door County Dental Care staff are involved in the process helping to facilitate the community event at their Sturgeon Bay location.

Dr Luders is thankful for the involvement of another local business in De Pere, “Lords Dental Studio is always instrumental in providing additional help and donations which allows us to make the annual event a success.” Dr Luders added, “Mouthguards are an essential part of sports safety gear and putting on this event aids in the prevention of unnecessary mouth and head injuries to the children and teenagers in our community. We appreciate families taking the time to bring their kids in to get fitted for their mouthguards.”

Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Luders recommend that a new, custom-fit mouthguard be crafted each year because as students grow, their bodies change and so does their mouth structure. For more information call (920) 743-6911

Photo #1: Dr. Luders taking an impression of Peyton Hurth’s teeth

Photo #2: Janel and student Danny Lodl

Photo #3: Kari Tess cutting mouthguard molds

Photo #4: Sue, Johnny Hubbard, and Ken making mouthguards

Door County Dental Care's Dr. Luders taking an impression of Peyton Hurth’s teeth

Door County Dental Care - Janel and student Danny Lodl

Door County Dental Care's Kari Tess Cutting Mouthguard Molds

Door County Dental Care's Sue, Johnny Hubbard, and Ken making mouthguards