Dental Health Month

February is Dental Health Month! Every year Door County Dental Care puts extra effort into promoting the many benefits of good oral health to children, their teachers, and their parents.

The purpose of Dental Health Month is to bring a better understanding of the benefits of proper brushing, flossing, fluoride rinsing, and eating healthy snacks.  Education is key;  you can never start teaching kids too early. By going out into the schools and meeting kids away from the office it can help make visiting the dentist more fun.

With that being said, Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Luders, and their staff are reaching out and visiting schools and youth centers in the Door County area. In fact, we have already visited the YMCA Barker Daycare Center to speak with a class of 4 year olds. We broke the ice by reading aloud a Dr. Seuss tooth book. Then we learned about how many teeth we have, good and bad food choices, and how to brush and floss our teeth the correct way. We finished up by all brushing our teeth together! See the attached photo for our day of tooth fun!

We visited the Southern Door School District and the first grade at Sawyer School in Sturgeon Bay as well; and have dates to visit Holy Rosary in Kewanee, Luxemburg Casco, and St. John Bosco. In addition to the routine presentation on good home care and its importance, we will discuss the amount of sugar in common food and beverage choices. It is really surprising to see how much sugar is in that bottle of Gatorade! The kids really get a kick out of counting the spoons of sugar for each beverage, and the teachers are always a little surprised as well.

We really enjoy our school presentations always done in February, as well as some of our recent senior programs.  If you have an organization that would like an educational program on various areas of dental health please contact us! We are happy to help.

Check back next month to hear more about our Dental Health Month visits!

Door County Dental Care and Kids Dental Health Month