Tooth Colored Fillings

Do you have dark-colored fillings that you would like to replace with fillings that are more natural looking? Tooth colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, are durable resin material that is bonded to your tooth. Most people will not even know you have a filling at all! Some advantages to composite fillings are a long life span (usually 7-10 years), they are more conservative than that of the traditional silver (or amalgam) fillings because we do not have to remove as much tooth structure, damaged composite fillings are easy to repair, the strong bond makes this filling type less likely to break or expand and contract due to temperature changes, they match the color of your natural teeth and look more appealing than traditional silver fillings. Following a composite filling procedure, you may experience some temporary sensitivity and the gum tissue may be sore, but the duration of each will be short. We also will ask that you avoid chewing on excessively hard foods. Upgrading to composite fillings is a great option, whether you have a cavity or would like to replace your old silver fillings.