Six Month Smiles

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One of the most common goals of any patient is to have straight teeth.  Many patients do not want traditional orthodontic braces because of the metal, wires, and the fact that many have to stay on for two years or longer.  Six Month Smiles is a new orthodontic system that uses tooth colored braces to reposition the teeth.  Some features of Six Month Smiles include fast results, very minimal tooth removal needed, suitable for adults ages 18 and over who want straight teeth and have poorly aligned teeth.  The nickel-titanium wires used in this system provide minimal force to shift and reposition the front teeth.  The purpose of Six Month Smiles is not to alter the bite, but to dramatically improve the appearance of the teeth that show when smiling.  If you are interested in Six Month Smiles but are not sure if you are a good candidate, please contact our office for a consultation.  Our doctors would be pleased to evaluate your case and make recommendations for you.