Same Day Crowns (Cerec)

If you have a busy schedule and it is difficult for you to attend multiple appointments, Cerec, or same day crowns, may be a great option for you! That’s right-same day preparation, design and creation, and insert of a permanent crown! It is a computer-aided dental system that helps create and mill a porcelain crown right at the dental office. Our doctors add realistic details and shading to create a crown that is indistinguishable from a natural tooth. This one visit will save you time and you won’t need to wear a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being made. While the new crown is being milled, you can enjoy relaxing and watching T.V. (provided in every operatory) or hook up to our free WIFI and get some of your personal work done. So don’t put off your dental care because it’s too time consuming-We have the solutions to all your dental needs at Door County Dental Care!