Children’s Dentistry

Parents frequently ask when they should bring their child in for his or her first visit. At Door County Dental Care, we recommend the first visit be around the age of 3. Going to the dentist at a young age does two things: Help prevent fears and develop good oral hygiene skills they can use throughout their lifetime. Our dental hygienists are great with children! At the first visit, they will learn about the suction, the air/water syringe, the dental light that they wear sunglasses for, and the spinning toothbrush (as long as the child is ready for it). Another way to get your child comfortable with coming to the dentist is to bring them along with your dental visit. This will allow them to get acclimated to the dental environment and have the parents show them that going to the dentist is something they should not be afraid of.

A common procedure for a child is dental sealants. A sealant is used to help prevent cavities by sealing the open grooves on a permanent molar tooth. Oral education is important for both the parent and child. It is important to be on a regular recall with our office to check for cavities, jaw growth/teeth formation, and determining if orthodontic treatment is needed. Please call our office if you would like to schedule an appointment to get your child in for an evaluation.