The staff at Door County Dental Care is dedicated to keeping your smile flawless. This includes performing thorough dental exams of teeth, gum tissue, and the oral cavity, whether it is your first visit or a routine check-up.

At your first visit with us, you can expect a comprehensive examination lasting approximately an hour and a half. The dental assessment includes an overall health review, visual exam, digital x-rays, evaluating existing dental work, periodontal probing (which helps detect signs of periodontal disease), intra-oral and extra-oral photographs, oral cancer screening, detecting cavities, diagnosing necessary treatment, and educating our patients about dental health.

Cavities, periodontal disease and oral cancer are dental concerns for any patient. It is essential to detect dental issues in its earliest stages in order to maintain a healthy mouth. It also helps to reduce the amount of dental work needed, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Lastly, our comprehensive examination includes the undivided attention from one of our dentists, who want to hear your dental wishes, concerns, thoughts and questions. With the information found and collected during the exam, our dentists will help you to attain the finest, healthy smile possible.

At Door County Dental Care, we treat every patient like one of our family members. Comfort, respect, and patience are expectations we are confident we will exceed.