Dental Membership Plans Can Save You More Than Dental Insurance in Door County, WI


Dental Insurance VS Dental Membership Plan

Did you know you could save more at your dentist’s with a dental membership plan as opposed to dental insurance? Whether you need basic preventive dental care or extensive dental work a dental membership plan oftentimes costs less overall than dental insurance.

What’s even better is that dental membership plans come with other advantages that most dental insurance plans don’t offer. For example dental membership plans don’t have exclusions, waiting periods, or annual maximums. If you take a look at the fine print of dental insurance policies they typically exclude certain services or products from coverage and frequently have waiting periods prior to taking advantage of coverage. Dental insurance also has annual coverage limits, which can be frustrating for anyone who needs dental work which exceeds the annual limit on coverage. Unfortunately it’s not always possible or advisable to delay dental work until the next year. Dental membership plans don’t come with any limits or maximums – savings are applicable for all products and services provided in house during any given time period.

On the flip side if you have dental insurance and you don’t require any dental work beyond cleaning and preventive care you are probably paying for services you aren’t using. With a dental membership plan you only pay for services and products you actually need or want. Whether you currently have dental insurance or are considering purchasing a plan, we suggest doing an actual cost benefit analysis with your dental clinic’s membership plan or discount program. You might be surprised to find that a dental membership plan costs less and suits your needs better.

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