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July Stuffed Animal Winner

July Stuffed Animal Winner at Door County Dental Care!

Who doesn’t love a cute and furry friend in the form of a stuffed bear? Congratulations to our July stuffed animal winner! Kids don’t forget to enter for your chance to when on your next office visit.

Flashback Photos

Door County Dental Care Baby Photos Marci

We’ve got a whole bunch of baby photos from the Door County Dental Care staff members. Visit our Facebook page to leave a comment guessing whose photo belongs to which staff member. Check back here or on our Facebook page to see the latest post! Who am I? Even though she’s not showing any teeth in […]

Door County Dental Care’s Ninth Annual Free Athletic Mouthguard Day

Dr. Luders taking an impression of Peyton Hurth’s teeth

Door County Dental Care hosted its ninth annual ‘Free Athletic Mouthguard Day’ on Thursday, June 22nd at 12:00pm.  All area student athletes were invited to receive a free custom-fit, team color-coordinated mouthguard. The event brought 55 local students in to be fitted for free, custom, team-color coordinated mouthguards. Custom fit mouthguards provide superior protection against sports related dental injuries. They […]

9th Annual FREE Athletic Mouthguard Day

Door County Dental Care FREE Mouthguard Event

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for Door County Dental Care’s 9th Annual FREE Athletic Mouthguard Day. Mouthguards are an essential part of protective safety equipment when playing sports. On Thursday June 22nd from 12pm to 4pm the staff at Door County Dental Care will be […]

April Winners

April Coloring Contest Winner at Door County Dental Care

Congratulations to the Winners of our Coloring Contest in April and our Stuffed Animal Giveaway! Don’t forget to have your child enter either contest when they visit our office!

Restoring Missing Teeth

Partial Dentures Replacing Missing Teeth at Door County Dental Care

Options: Bridges, Partials, Dentures, and Implants There are some obvious consequences of missing teeth such as the aesthetic of large gaps and difficulty with chewing or speech, however there are a host of other consequences which not everyone may be familiar with. 70% of the population in the United States is missing a tooth; typically […]

Stuffed Animal Winner

February Stuffed Animal Winner at Door County Dental Care

Congratulations to one of our younger patients. She was the winner of our February stuffed animal contest. Reminder to all our young patients to enter the content when you visit the office!

A Dentist’s Take on Flossing from Door County Dental Care

The Importance of Flossing in Your Dental Hygiene from Door County Dentists

2016 saw some news reports questioning the studies on flossing and its prevention of cavities and periodontal disease. As practicing dentists that see dozens of patients every day Door County Dental Care can attest to benefits of daily flossing. Certainly flossing is not the only contributing factor to good oral hygiene and a cavity / […]

Bettering Your Odds When Fighting Tooth Decay and Snacking on Candy

Better Types of Candy to Eat for Dental Hygiene and Tooth Decay Prevention

Just about everyone knows sugar can play a major role in tooth decay, but forsaking all sugary treats for the average American is not an option especially during the holiday season when sweets abound. Since our goal is to help our patients prevent cavities we thought we would share some tips on how to improve […]